Caxirola: Official Noise Maker FIFA World Cup 2014.

Caxirola is the official noise maker instrument for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Caxirola is the replacement of Vuvuzela (Vuvuzela radio) which was the official instrument in 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Before 2010 FIFA didn't 'adopted' any other local instrument as an official instrument for any world cup. FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest international football competitions and it is among the world's most widely viewed sporting events. An estimation about the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup is that more than 1 billion people will watch the final match. The next World Cups will be hosted in Russia in 2018 and in Qatar in 2022. Brazil is the most successful team which won the World Cup 5 times.

Caxirola Sound

Caxirola Sound in different editions:

General Caxirola Sound. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Caxirola Sound 1. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Caxirola Sound 2. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Caxirola Sound 3. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Caxirola Sound 4. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Caxirola Sound 5. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Caxirola Sound 6. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Vuvuzela Sound 1. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Vuvuzela Sound 2. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

Vuvuzela Sound 3. Click here (right click, Save as to save the sound in mp3)

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Caxirola creation and inspiration

Caxirola (pronounced : Ka-shy-ro-lla) is created by Carlinhos Brown, a famous Brazilian musician, songwriter and record producer from Salvador, Bahia (see his bio in imdb). Bahia is one of the 26 states of Brazil and it is located at eastern part of the country. He have written the music for several famous movies related with Brazil and in 2012 he was nominated with an oscar for the music of the movie Rio (2011). Carlinhos Brown inspired Caxirola from the local Brazilian percussion Caxixi (pronounced: Ka-shee-shee).


Watch Carlinhos Brown play the national anthem of Brazil with Caxirola's.

Caxixi Image 1
Caxixi Image 2
Caxixi Image 3
Caxixi Image 4
Caxirola vs Caxixi

Caxixi and Caxirola relation

Caxixi is a musical instrument of ancient African origin that became popular in Brazil as a companion to the Berimbau, an African musical bow with a hollow gourd as a resonator, used in the dance-game of Capoeira.

Because of it´s lively sound, the Caxixi was originally used to call forth the presence of the enchanted spirits and also to scare all evil away.

Caxixi is a reed basket, woven by hand, with a hard gourd skin bottom filled with special seeds. Shaken, the seeds hit the hard gourd skin, producing a distinctive sound. Caxixi is constructed in several different sizes. Caxixi can be used as a rattle to drive the beat and also in pairs to produce intricate sounds and rare textures. More modern Caxixi's are made out of metal and have a more cutting sound as a result.

Playing Caxixi Video 1

Playing Caxixi Video 2

Caxixi Sound
Caxirola Image 1Caxirola Image 1
Caxirola Image 2Caxirola Image 2
Caxirola Image 3Caxirola Image 3
Caxirola Image 4Caxirola Image 4
Caxirola Image 5Caxirola Image 5
Caxirola Image 6Caxirola Image 6
Caxirola Image 7Caxirola Image 7
Caxirola Image 8Caxirola Image 8

Caxirola for FIFA World Cup 2014

Caxirola is special made for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil and it is consisting of a closed plastic basket with a flat-bottom, filled with small synthetic particles. It also has a wide grip so you can easily handle it and wiggle it to make the noise you want. Resembling a flat-bottomed avocado, the caxirola is composed of plastic produced from Brazilian sugar cane ethanol and filled with small plastic particles. When shaken it produces a moderately loud jangle. Made in Brazil, each caxirola carries the official FIFA seal, and is available in the colors of each of the 32 participating World Cup teams.


Certification, Noise and problems for Caxirola

On 27 September 2012 the Brazilian Ministry of Sports certified Caxirola as the official musical instrument of 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Because in the 2010 World Cup a lot of complains was expressed about the annoying noise of Vuvuzelas (for both live guests at stadiums and guests watching from TV) special studies was conducted to avoid extremely high levels of noise. It was calculated that it would take about 30,000 Caxirolas to make the same noise as one Vuvuzela.

image about noise

Also for safety reasons the Brazilian government announced that Caxirola's won't be allowed inside stadiums of the World Cup, although there are some different opinions about what it will happen in the end. Caxirola's are special made to use in the stadium so it is a little hypocritical to forbidden them. A lot of specialists say's that the instrument would 'add to the fan experience' at the tournaments and will help 'create a unique Brazilian atmosphere in the stadiums'.

Despite the announcements of the restrictions Caxirola's are listed third among the FIFA store's bestsellers, with the site imploring buyers to "Shake your caxirola in support of the 2014 FIFA World Cup!" The World Cup's official marketers are busily selling the caxirola online as one of "10 Must Have" items for the well-equipped fan. Since it can still be used outside stadiums, and in general World Cup revelry, it is available at big- box stores like Wal-Mart and select airport duty-free shops, according to its manufacturer, Chicago-based The Marketing Store. Typical price: $14.


Video with Brazilian President playing caxirolas and photos with the creator

Caxixi Sound

Caxirola Image 9Caxirola Image 9
Caxirola Image 10Caxirola Image 10
Caxirola Image 11Caxirola Image 11
Caxirola Image 12Caxirola Image 12
Caxirola Image 13Caxirola Image 13
Caxirola Image 14Caxirola Image 14
Caxirola Image 15Caxirola Image 15
Caxirola Image 16Caxirola Image 16

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Caxirola price. 

Although the official Caxirola from the FIFA store costs $14 you can find from other shops from $5. Because if you want to make a complete noise – music you will need 2 or more the price difference is significant. In our Caxirola Store you can find different Caxirola's at the right price. Prices are between $3 to $14 for a pair of Caxirola's with a special country flag. Quality of Caxirola is different depending the price but you can find anything you really want. Even if you don't go at the football stadiums in Brazil the Caxirola price isn't very 'annoying' so you can buy a pair for your home or for your office or for your kids. Trust us it is a sound you want to here, much better than any other instrument or of course Vuvuzela's. To see more Caxirola products with prices go here



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